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from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am a Bog Turtle, and I would love to visit schools all over the state of Pennsylvania. I am starting out on my journey sometime in the middle of September, and I want to come to your school! My journey will start out by visiting friends my teacher, Mr. Lutz, met at the Keystone Conference held this past July. If any of those friends want to have me visit, please fill out the sign out sheet in the navigation tool bar! To keep track of my travels, please visit my wiki, my blog, and my flickr site. If I am visiting your school, feel free to post pictures of me as I meet cool people and hang out in cool places. Help me post blogs about my journey and create other cool web 2.0 projects to help people all over the world follow me! The best thing about this page is that it's a wiki, which allows other people to contribute to the make up of this site. It will always be changing and getting better, but I can't do that without everyone's help!
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Twitter: MorpheusFortuna
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East Freedom Elementary School,St. Joseph School, Bower Hill Elementary School, East Elementary ,Pennsylvania Dept of Education - Bureau of Educational Technology, Pennwood Middle School, Clarion Area Elementary , Jacksonwald Elementary School , Penns Valley Area School District, Warren Area Elementary Center, South Elementary, Cedar Cliff HS, Damascus School, East Forest School, Henry H. Houston Bridge Valley Elementary School Whitfield Elementary School, Bower Hill Elementary School

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