Morpheus Travel (Math & Social Studies)

Current Position
College Park Elemetnary School
Virginia Beach, VA
Arrived: October 5, 2010 12:00 p.m.
Distance from Last School
Miles Traveled 275
Time Traveled 5 hours 25 minutes

Currently Position
York, PA

Distance from Last School
Miles Traveled: 24
Yards Traveled: 42,240
Feet Traveled: 126,720
Inches: 1,520,640
Kilometers: 38.4
Meters: 38,400
Centimeters: 3,840,000

Total Distance Traveled:
Miles Traveled: 2079
Yards Traveled: 3,659,040
Feet Traveled: 10,977,120
Inches: 131,725,440
Kilometers: 3,345.601
Meters: 3,345,601.92
Centimeters: 334,560,192

Blog Questions:
- How many football fields has Morpheus Traveled?
- Do you think Morpheus will travel far enough to go around the world?
- What other measurements could we keep track of for Morpheus's travels?
- Add questions you have here?

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