Morpheus Sign-Up 2012-2013

Please sign up for Morpheus by filling in all the information requested by the date you would like. If you have not joined the wiki, make sure you do that so you can edit the spreadsheet! Thanks for having Morpheus! Remember please ship Morpheus, Priority Mail (2-3 days keeps him on schedule!) Any questions please e-mail me! Thanks! Mr. Lutz

Sign-up 2011-2012

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Jan. 1st

Jan. 13th

Jan. 17th

Jan. 29th

Feb. 1st

Feb. 13th

Feb. 17th

Feb. 28th

Mar. 2nd

Mar. 13th

Mar. 17th

Mar. 29th

Apr. 2nd

Apr. 13th

Apr. 17th

Apr. 29th

May 2nd

May 13th

May 17th

May 29th

June 2nd

June 13th
School District of Philadelphia

Houston Elementary

Brandon Lutz

E-mail for address

June 17th